The Perfect Tips for Choosing Cooling Shapewear from Popilush

Even in summer you can choose looks that reflect your essence. When you build a smart closet, you can enjoy your self-image with comfort and assertiveness.

Popilush delivers resources so you can live your body positivity freely. It is important for the development of feminine power to experience your individuality and the blue tag clothing collection helps you accomplish this task.

1- Light and breathable fabric

The summer heat can be challenging. Sometimes you can feel suffocated and overheated if you don't know how to choose the right clothes. The first step is to invest in shapewear made with modern cooling technology, as it will help you face hot days with ease.

The Blue Tag collection was designed to make women's lives more practical. Therefore, it has fabric with a cooling effect so you can feel cooler through the feature that reduces and controls your body temperature. Through this benefit you can wear a longer dress without worrying about discomfort or heat.

2- Extra protection for the skin

An extra dose of sun can be harmful to skin health. Not to mention that excess helps with premature aging, so it is important to protect yourself. Any piece from the Blue Tag collection has double protection for your skin. Therefore, you can create different looks with a shapewear bodysuit that blocks around 99% of UVA/UVB rays. 

It is possible to achieve a slimmer-looking waist through the shapewear mesh that structures and defines your curves together with the side pleated details to create the silhouette of your dreams. An interesting difference is the inverted triangular straps that highlight your collarbones, delivering charm and femininity. Pair with a skirt with a side slit to show off longer, more attractive legs.

3- Your comfort is essential

You can feel more powerful if you can rely on a piece that gives you peace of mind to carry out all your day-to-day activities without worrying about the embarrassing effects of excess sweating.

A fabric with antibacterial technology prevents you from feeling drenched in sweat or from having uncomfortable situations with visible moisture stains on your clothes.

4- Texture that conquers

Imagine a fabric with a buttery texture that glides across your body, hugging every curve for much more comfort. This is the feeling you get when wearing any piece from the Blue Tag collection. Therefore, you can enjoy the right amount of compression without tightness or uncomfortable markings.

5- Dressed as a sure bet

Summer calls for clothes that are practical and the dress as a single piece can become a winning bet. The versatility of a shapewear dress offers you the material to be well dressed for any occasion.

A maxi dress with a flowing lower hem creates a more feminine shape that will make you stand out at parties and special occasions. The internal structure forms the hourglass shape much desired by modern women. Additionally, you can choose a straight version to represent a more classic tube-shaped style to feel empowered in the work environment. Or perhaps the version with thin straps for a perfect fit. Furthermore, the deep V neckline is seductive, leaves the upper area highlighted and can be an interesting option for a date for two. 


  1. Kalau cuaca sedang panas memang enaknya pakaian yang mudah menyerap keringat. Bagus juga tuh kalau kainnya memiliki teknologi antibakterial. Apalagi kulit saya juga suka gampang lecet kalau kena keringat.

  2. Paling tepat banget kalau lagi musim panas pilih pakaian yang menyerap dan meresap keringat secara lebih cepat. Makin ciamik jika bahan pakaian yang di kenakan mengandung anti bakteri, jadi lebih aman dan nyaman di kenakan. Buat model yang penting cocok sama bentuk tubuh dan nyaman di kenakan ya.

  3. During this dry season, I feel like choosing an appearance that reflects my essence and enjoys my self-image comfortably. Thankfully there is Popilush who provides resources so I can live this body positivity freely.

  4. Buat body macam saya yang melebar kayaknya pakai shapewarr emang bagus sih ya, buat tubuhnya berbentuk. Apalagi kalau shapeware dr luar. Pastinya banyak yg ukurannya besar2 dan kualitasnya bagus2.

  5. The Cooling Shapewear from Popilush is a game-changer for comfort and style, offering a perfect blend of support and breathability. Its innovative cooling fabric keeps you feeling fresh all day, even in the hottest weather. This shapewear not only enhances your silhouette but also ensures you stay cool and comfortable.


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